2022 Hockey Playoff Pool
2022 Hockey Playoff Pool

2022 Hockey Playoff Pool

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Join the Camp BB-Riback 2022 Hockey Playoff Pool!
50% of the funds raised will go towards funding the Cabin Refurbishment Campaign.
$55 per entry
Select your team HERE 
(multiple entries are permitted, $5.00 of the cost goes towards platform and credit card fees) The remainder will be split as follows:
  • 50 per cent to camp
  • 25 per cent to winner
  • 15 per cent to 2nd
  • 10 per cent to 3rd
Once you have made your payment you will receive an email inviting you to make your selections online.
Pick one player from each box only



Entries must be in by 5pm on Monday May 2


(AGLC# 15128)

(License number 597226)